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Services on Offer

Services on Offer

  • Testing of initial performance of catalysts with respect to its conversion and selectivity
  • Failure Investigation of Plant Components Failure investigation is carried out to find out the root cause of the failure and to suggest remedial measures for controlling repetition of the failure.
  • Online corrosion monitoring helps in understanding the internal condition of the equipments and in optimizing plant operation for longer life of the equipments. In cooling water systems, on-line corrosion monitoring helps reducing consumption of treatment chemicals and raw water.
  • Ferrography is analysis of lubricating oil for assessment of condition of rotating machinery, oil contamination and oil-replacement frequency.
Products & Processes
  • In-situ Metallography In-situ metallography is a tool for assessment of heat-affected components of the plant like boiler components, expansion bellows, etc.
  • Instrument for Corrosion Monitoring An instrument is developed for on-line corrosion monitoring in plant cooling water system.
  • Monitoring Services for microbial load for cooling tower water Providing services to captive plants cooling tower as well as to nearby industries.
  • Chemical Analysis Services Rendering services for non routine chemical analyses to captive plants and to nearby industries on commercial basis.
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