Argon Gas
Argon Gas

Argon Gas

Argon Gas

GSFC has Air Separation Unit with a capacity to manufacture 3.2 million NM3 per year Argon Gas.


Argon 99.9995% Purity
Oxygen 3 PPM (Max).
Nitrogen 2 PPM (Max).
Product Image
Product Image
  • Inert gas shield in arc welding.
  • Welding and cutting of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium etc. mainly to create an inert zone.
  • In electronics, lamp and valve manufacture.
  • In metal refining, treatment and brazing.
  • In degassing of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
  • Vacuum Spectrometry.
  • A.O.D. process for stainless steel manufacture.
  • Heat treatment of reactive metals and alloys.
  • Refining of copper.
  • Geiger counting tubes.
  • Flushing molten metals to eliminate porosity.
  • Aircraft and missile industries.
  • Titanium and Zirconium refining.
  • Laboratory and research medical application.
  • Nuclear applications - for creating inert atmosphere in the manufacture of rare and semi-rare metals.
  • Cryogenics and refrigeration.
  • Brazing and soldering.
  • Gas Chromatography and Gas Analysis.
  • Its use as inert gas or atmosphere in miscellaneous applications is growing as fast as new production can take care of the demand.

Argon is available in buyer`s cryogenic road tankers.

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